BLOG | Introducing Paul Nordmann (officially)!

I’m excited to announce that I’m now repping the talented photographer Paul Nordmann. I’ve followed his work for a while and am excited what the future of this collaboration will bring.

Paul has been shooting for years as well as being first assistant/digital tech/2nd shooter to another photographer I rep locally, Mark Katzman. Paul has seen a lot in his travels from watching a herd of camels swim through the backwaters on the Arabian Sea on a project in Gujurat, India to spending a day in the life with world famous illustrator Stefano Vitale in Italy as he searched for driftwood (to be turned into art) around the waters of Venice. All the while he is capturing beautiful images and telling a visual story.

The images above are a few from his new national postcard campaign featuring work with clients like AT&T, Brine Corporation/Lacrosse Division and the US Marine Corps.

Paul’s home base is working out of FK Studio in St. Louis but he’s probably on location more often than shooting in studio. His passion is sport/lifestyle photography and enjoying the tasty meals while traveling around the world. To see more of Paul’s work, click here.