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Katie is a commercial photographer based in St. Louis, she specializes in creating lifestyle, animal, corporate, and industrial imagery. Katie's 15 years in the business has taken her around the globe capturing beautiful, authentic moments with people and animals.
KL_Lifestyle_family fishing
KL_Lifestyle_vacation woman and child
KL_Lifestyle_vacation woman beach
KL_Lifestyle_Woman golfing
KL_Lifestyle_family at Hilton hotel
KL_Lifestyle_New York Hilton
KL_Lifestyle_vacation golf
KL_Lifestyle_White water rafting
KL_Lifestyle_couple on beach
KL_Lifestyle_vacation woman hammock
KL_Lifestyle_Mom and daughter beach
KL_Lifestyle_vacation amusement park
KL_Lifestyle_Mother and daughter
KL_Lifestyle_Mother and daughter
KL_Lifestyle_Casino 2
KL_Animals_boston terrior on rug
KL_Animals_woman hugging terrier dog
KL_Animals_sitting woman with boston terrier
KL_Animals Pug with food
KL_Animals_dashchund in chair
KL_Animals_sitting man with dog
KL_Animals_Boston terrier in chair
KL_Animals_Girl with fluffy cat
KL_Animals_dashchund with woman
KL_Animals_Golden retriever
KL_Corp_Purina business woman
KL_Corp_Man and woman ipad
KL_Corp_Woman computer
KL_Corp_Woman portrait
KL_Corp_Purina business meeting
KL_Corp_business woman portrait
KL_Corp_Man with ipad
KL_Corp_man construction
KL_Corp_Man train
KL_Corp_industrial welder man
KL_Corp_Man hardhat
KL_Corp_industrial coal handspng